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So I made this analogy to describe my feelings

I have this friend who is perfect and I felt sorta insecure lately and so I made this analogy. At my work we give away a free donut with a coffee after 5:00. Now our donuts are really not great. Like, they’re okay, cuz like, it’s a donut, but it isn’t that good, and most people don’t buy it on its own cuz it’s just average and eh. Now our coffee? Stellar. The best around. So freaking good. So people come in for that coffee. That oh so good coffee. And like sometimes they take the free donut cuz like its free and it’s a donut but like its not what they really want and it’s just sorta there to accompany the coffee.

I shared it with this kid who “wanted to check in with my well being” and he not only agreed but gave real life examples of the accuracy of the analogy so see I’m good at this guys

Anonymous asked: Your smile is so contagious, keep wearing it :) I like it

Haha aww! Thank you! This is too kind! I’m glad it’s contagious and not scary or something! :)

Anonymous asked: I think you have to piss

You get me <3

i need to piss again but i dont wanna wake up the rents

plus ibe pissed sao manyu umes its sketcy

but i gotta pissĀ